The Corn Maze

Not too far from the playground is the corn maze. It is $3.00 (+tax) per person. We try to keep you corn-fused for at least 20 minutes. It is a little over 2 acres. If you have time, you can help us figure out who stole the pie from the Bakers! It’s afun little game to help your kids learn about animal tracks.


There is a 50 cents charge per person. Most of the playground is for small children and toddlers. Older children can enjoy it as well, but grown kids don’t fit on the tricycles. Some of the things you’ll find here are the straw mountain which is for kids of all ages, straw maze for little ones, trike path for little tykes on trikes, swings and tepees.











Pedal Cart track added next to our Playground! Fun for all ages!!