Tractor driven hayrides run from Labor Day Weekend through October 31st on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 til 4. They weave through the orchards, fields and our old growth 40 acre woods. Each ride lasts about 25 minutes and costs $4.35 per person. Babies in arms are free. (All rides are dependent on the weather, we can’t run in the rain.) Hayrides are handicapped accessible.

Purchase tickets from the Ticket Booth, any Cashier, or the Hayride Driver.

Hayride pickup is just past the goats!


The goats are always hungry. Yes, we do feed them, but they love to be hand fed by little hands. They’ll walk to the tippy top of the goat ramp for a pellet treat. We have goat pellets for sale at 25 cents per hand. We do not allow you to feed them “people food” because our pellets are nutritionally safe for goat and sheep tummies.

We also encourage our customers to say hi to Ginger, our Scottish Highland Cattle. She is “our baby”. She shares the same pen with her friends, the sheep and goats. She is quite found of our year round goat, Jack. You might even catch Jack hitching a ride on Ginger’s back!

Next to our goats and sheep we have our peafowl. RePete and Pricilla are right next to the goats. They have a baby we named Casper–check him out to see why! The other section has Paco and Penelope. Penelope is Pricilla’s mom.

The chickens spend their time in our “Chicken Truck”, next to our Kids Garden.