Whether you sit out on the patio, porches or in any of the dining areas throughout The Farmhouse, you’ll enjoy the feeling of comfort. Enjoy fresh brewed coffee, teas and a slice of homemade apple pie along with a scoop of Kelley Country Creamery’s ice cream.         


Beyer homestead

Our kids room has lots of great cool colorful things for young folks including baby merchandise and we didn’t forget, Grandma and Grandpa stuff too!

For the gals, we have jewelry, scarves, body care, winter accessories and lots of fun household items. Believe it or not, we also cater to the guys with our “Man’s Room”! Featuring a wide variety of Lake Winnebago items, fishing and hunting.

There’s a western corner for all those cowboy folks, heehaw! And something for all our proud and hardworking farmers too!


At this time our Cafe is closed but you can still enjoy our bakery, coffees, and Kelley Country Creamery Ice Cream!