U-Pick Apples

U-Pick Apples begin with the ripening of the McIntosh apples, which is close to Labor Day weekend. As the season progresses, we offer Cortland,Red Delicious, and Empire, when the crops permit. U-Pick bags must be pre-purchased at a register. During the week the cashier will direct you to the picking area. On the weekends you can hitch a ride on our free hayride (running from 10am-4pm), leaving from the U-Pick shed, down to the orchard.

* You are not allowed to pick in your own containers or reuse bags from a previous visit.

U-Pick Pumpkins

U-Pick Pumpkins are available as soon as they are ripe, usually in early September. You can find the perfect pumpkin among any field or from the pre-picked gathered around the buildings. We use measuring rings to determine the price. Measure your pumpkins at any of the sizing stations located around the farm. On weekends, you can get a free ride on the U-Pick Wagon to the fields. You may also bring your own little wagon, or borrow one of ours, to aid in your picking adventure.